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Ghost Jumps In A Well? Ghost Jumps In A Well?
Date Added : Mar 17 |
While a nature webcam is filming live in South Carolina, a viewer spots something odd. Asks the owner to review the recorded footage.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 53013 Views

Car Accident Ghost Car Accident Ghost
Date Added : Feb 10 |
Bad accident aftermath caught on video. 2 people ended up injured while one dies in this accident. When watching the video closely at the end you will see a ghost appear and walk away from the car.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 38037 Views

Wingate Hotel Poltergeist Wingate Hotel Poltergeist
Date Added : Feb 3 |
Creepy ghost footage that occurred on September 13th 2013 at the Wingate Hotel in Illinois. Security cam heard screaming in a room.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 30797 Views

Shadow Ghost In Bedroom Shadow Ghost In Bedroom
Date Added : Sep 21 |
A camera runs while a guy is doing his homework. When the video is played back with enhanced lighting and tone you can see the ghost easily.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 57495 Views

Scary Basement Ghost Scary Basement Ghost
Date Added : Sep 13 |
Guy captures a ghost on a hidden cam. He says his basement in haunted and he has always heard odd noises coming from there.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 59934 Views

Real Ghost Pictures Confirmed Real Ghost Pictures Confirmed
Date Added : Aug 23 |
The most amazing ghost pictures ever caught on camera. All in one awesome video.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 56253 Views

Ghost Picks Up Pan From Sink? Ghost Picks Up Pan From Sink?
Date Added : Aug 15 |
Guy walks around filming, with his new video camera. When he turns to the kitchen sink he captures a cooking pan levitating.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 35836 Views

Subway Restaurant Shadow Ghost Subway Restaurant Shadow Ghost
Date Added : Aug 11 |
Security cam at a Subway Restaurant captures a shadow figure. It moves around inside for a while, then flies out the window.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 34653 Views

London Highway Ghost London Highway Ghost
Date Added : Aug 9 |
Something very creepy appears to be flying around in the background while the news reporter gives her report.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 42354 Views

Poltergeist Possession Poltergeist Possession
Date Added : Aug 7 |
A poltergeist levitates this woman up while she sleeps. It has been said, that before possession takes place, a persons body will be lifted up by a dark passenger.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 44197 Views

Washington Irving Ghost Washington Irving Ghost
Date Added : Jun 14 |
Washington Irving is the author of such amazing books as "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow and "Rip Van Winkle".
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 32652 Views

Best Ghosts Ever Caught On Tape Best Ghosts Ever Caught On Tape
Date Added : May 22 |
Documentary showing some of the most shocking ghost cases ever caught on tape. Experts investigate and debunk really interesting video clips.
Video Category : Ghost Documentaries | 59352 Views

Witch Girl Flies In Russian Woods Witch Girl Flies In Russian Woods
Date Added : May 16 |
A man takes his dog for a daily routine walk out in the Russian woods. His normal walks out here are usually quit, as only a few people live in the area for miles.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 42203 Views

Ghost Haunts New House? Ghost Haunts New House?
Date Added : May 7 |
Guy makes a new house video for his dad that lives far away. When he steps into the kitchen, he is in for a surprise.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 35590 Views

Whispers Estate Ghost Girl Whispers Estate Ghost Girl
Date Added : May 1 |
Rachel Gibbson a little girl said to haunt the Whispers Estate attic. It has a long history deaths in the early 1900's.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 32006 Views

Flying Witch Demon Flying Witch Demon
Date Added : Apr 28 |
Not sure if this is a Witch, demon, monster or some kind of evil spirit flying around. Filmed by a farmer from Guadalajara Mexico.
Video Category : Ghost Videos | 50502 Views

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